Welcome to the Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame and Adolph and Rose Levis Museum.

Our mission is to provide the Community with tangible and lasting evidence of the past, present and future of Jewish sportsmen and sportswomen in our area and to instill Community pride in Jewish accomplishments in the field of sports and the role sports has played in preserving Jewish culture.

The Hall and Museum reflect the obstacles we, as Jews, had to overcome in order to excel in sporting endeavors locally, nationally and internationally; portray the instrumental role sports has played in success in life; and provide continuity to future generations of Jewish athletes.

The inductees into the Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame represent the best of the best, those individuals and teams who, through perseverance, dedication, superior talent and skills, have risen to the top of their respective sports. We honor their names and extol their achievements within the walls of this Museum.

The indelible impression left by sports to many generations of Americans has also become a great source of Jewish pride and inspiration.