Inductee Profile

Harvey Pollack

shof-2001-Harvey_Pollack Harvey Pollack’s name is in more record books than any athlete. As the only original employee of the National Basketball Association who is still working for an NBA team, the Philadelphia 76ers, Pollack has been dubbed “Super Stat” in recognition of his excellence and innovation as a nationally-renown sports statistician.

This multi-talented Philadelphia native, who is in his 56th NBA season, not only has excelled in the field of sports statistics, but also served as media relations director for the 76ers and the Philadelphia Warriors, a newspaper sports and entertainment writer, special events coordinator for the Philadelphia Department of Recreation, a magazine editor and head of statistical crews for soccer, lacrosse and football.

A 1943 graduate of Temple University and a member of its Athletic Hall of Fame, Pollack’s creativity led him to develop unusual statistical information in the early days of the NBA, many of which have become standard categories in current NBA box scores. He authors two publications annually – the Sixers Media Guide and the NBA Statistical Guide.

Long before the league adopted the following categories, he kept them for Philadelphia home games, including Minutes played, blocked shots, offensive and defensive rebounds, steals and turnovers. Other more unusual statistics that he began are included in his widely sought after stat guide. They include dunks, most prevalent names, plus-minus evaluations 48-minute projections, technical fouls, injuries, and much, much more.

Pollack has been courtside for many memorable sports events, including four NBA titles, Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point and 55-rebounds games, and has seen almost every player in NBA history. He has won the Marc Splaver Award as the NBA’s top public relations person and has been honored by the NBA to mark his 25th, 30th, 40th and 50th year in the league.

Harvey Pollack is a legend in sports and a Philadelphia product who has changed the way we look at basketball.