Lauren Becker Rubin

Lauren Becker Rubin has had a distinguished career as both an athlete and a coach. Becker Rubin grew up along the Main Line and graduated from Friends’ Central. A 3 sport athlete and 12-Letter winner, she was the school’s 1st ever US Lacrosse High School All-American. As a Field Hockey and Lacrosse at Brown University,… Read more »

Marty Feldman

Marty Feldman was an acclaimed middleweight boxer who possessed a solid knockout punch. He won 20 of 23 professional fights from 1953 to 1962, scoring 19 knockouts. As successful as his career was, he never earned more than $500 for a single match. It was as a world-famous trainer and fight manager that Feldman made… Read more »

Bruce Lefkowitz

Bruce Lefkowitz was one of the premier basketball players in the University of Pennsylvania’s illustrious history. Even today, he remains the standard by which many players are measured by longtime fans of Penn basketball. A dominating front court presence throughout the mid 1980’s, “Lefko” finished his career ranked 5th on Penn’s all time scoring list…. Read more »

Jesse Levis

At the age of six, Jesse Levis attended his first major league baseball game watching the Phillies play Henry Aaron and the Braves at Veterans Stadium. That day his dreams began to crystallize: he wanted to become a major league ballplayer. Levis grew up in Northeast Philadelphia playing Little League Baseball at Tarken playground. Tagging… Read more »

Lou Scheinfeld

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Lou Scheinfeld is a nationally known sports and entertainment executive with a successful background in managing and marketing public facilities and sports franchises. He is currently CEO and president of the newly created The Museum of Sports. He grew up in a candy store in Brewery Town and attended Central… Read more »

Brian Schiff

For over a quarter of a century, Brian ‘Shifty’ Schiff has played a large role in Maccabi basketball. His duties, first as an assistant, then as head coach, have taken him to games in Mexico City; Santiago, Chile; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Berlin, Germany; four times in Israel and to more than twenty cities across the… Read more »