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Kenny Holdsman

Class of 2023
Kenny Holdsman has devoted the past twenty-five years of his career to the creation of empowering opportunities for young people, especially those from lower-income communities of color. Through a combination of education, leadership and workforce development, coaching and mentorship, family involvement, and high quality opportunities both in schools and in communities. He has held senior positions in the School District of Philadelphia; the Academy for Educational Development, a global non-profit; and two local sports-based youth development organizations.

Dan Wigrizer

Dan Wigrizer, a native of Villanova, PA, is a distinguished lacrosse player who has left an indelible mark on the sport. From his early days at Haverford School to his collegiate career at Duke University, Wigrizer showcased remarkable talent, leadership, and determination, earning numerous accolades along the way.During his time at Haverford School, Wigrizer displayed… Read more »

Whitney Tucci

Whitney Weinraub-Tucci’s journey in the world of soccer is a testament to dedication, skill, and an unwavering passion for the sport. From her formative years at Council Rock South High to her illustrious collegiate career at Charlotte, her impact has been nothing short of exceptional. Whitney’s soccer journey began as a member of the ODP… Read more »

Larry Shane

For more than half a century, Larry Shane left his mark on the local sports scene. He spent time as a player, moved into coaching at various levels, worked in sports administration, and moved back into the coaching ranks. It all began for Larry as a four sport competitor at Olney High School from 1950-54… Read more »

Jamie Schneck

Jamie Schneck will enter her 17th season as the women’s soccer coach at Haverford College in 2023. Schneck is just the fourth coach in the program’s 36 seasons. The Fords made an NCAA Tournament appearance in 2019 and have made the postseason 11 times during her career at the helm. In addition to receiving an… Read more »

Larry Rosen

In the fall of 1973, legendary KYW Newsradio News Director Nelson Cohen offered 17-year-old Larry Rosen a position as an editor’s assistant for $1.80.  That kick-started an uninterrupted 50-year career which has included meeting six Presidents and a Pope, being part of multiple Super Bowls and World Series, more than twenty EMMY awards and a… Read more »

Tal Brody

Tal Brody, a name well known in the basketball world, is a true legend in the sport. Born on August 30, 1943, in Trenton, New Jersey, his journey from an American town to becoming a basketball icon in Israel is an extraordinary tale of talent, determination, and global impact. Brody’s love of basketball began at… Read more »

Tony Schneider

Class of 2022
Milton S. Schneider (“Tony”) founded Philadelphia City Rowing in 2009 based on his passion for rowing and a vision that public high school children in Philadelphia should have the opportunity to experience the sport of rowing. PCR is a high-impact youth development organization that uses the sport of rowing to empower Philadelphia public school students to reach their greatest potential on the water, in the classroom, and in life. Tony co-founded PCR in 2009 and has served as Board Chair ever since, providing strategic guidance and support to help grow and expand their programs in order to best meet the evolving needs of young Philadelphians.

Brent Novoselsky

A tight end in the National Football League for seven years, Brent Novoselsky first played with the Chicago Bears (1988) and then the Minnesota Vikings (1989-1994). A defining moment in his professional career occurred in the last game of the 1989 NFL season, when Novoselsky was playing for the Vikings in a close game against… Read more »

Harry Lewis

Born in 1886 as Harry Besterman, Harry Lewis was recognized as welterweight champion of the world from April, 1908, to March, 1911. Nat Fleischer, founder, editor & publisher of “The Ring” magazine, rated Lewis the sixth-greatest welterweight of all time. With a strong jaw, and an impressive defensive style, Lewis was knocked out only twice… Read more »