The 24th Annual Induction Ceremony was held on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at Rodeph Shalom, Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame inducted our Class of 2022, including Jeff Asch, Sarah Friedman, Jimmy Kieserman, Brent Novoselsky, Harry Lewis, and Brandi Millis. In addition, our award recipients were the Pillar of Achievement: Tony Schneider, Philadelphia Sports Spirit Award: Blaine Steinberg and David Bernstein and the Simcha Gersch Award: Jeffrey Millman.

Buzz Bissinger
He wrote the book "Friday Night Lights" later made into a movie and a long running TV series
Carol Schultz Greenberg
She was a two time First Team All-American in lacrosse
Bernie Lemonick
He was a first team All American in football at the University of Pennsylvania.
Larry Brown
The only basketball coach to win the NCAA National Championship and the NBA Championship

The Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame contains a remarkable collection of athletes and others involved in sports activities. We have inducted 18 Olympians, including six medal winners, two world boxing champions, three women who made first team All-American in lacrosse, people who wrote brilliantly about sports or announced games, and others who founded, owned and/or managed professional franchises.


An Olympian who wouldn't go

She was a gymnast who was selected for the 1936 Olympics in Germany, but refused to participate because of NATZI anti-Semitism

A boxing great

He won World Boxing titles in two divisions

The man he guarded never scored

He was a two time first team All American in basketball

Big Game Receiver

He was an NFL tight end who won four Super Bowl rings

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Personal Stories

Louis “Red” Klotz

Arn Tellem

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